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    Divorce Counseling

    Unfortunately, according to the Gottman Institute research, most people get to marital counseling six years too late. For that reason, marital counseling often fails to save the marriage, although, counseling might help you divorce respectfully.

    Divorce has stages of recovery, and the process takes time. These phases are not unlike the grief process experienced after an excruciating death or loss.

    • The acute phase: This phase is about self-care and emotional processing before taking legal actions or making major decisions.
    • The acceptance phase: This phase will feel much like a grief process in which you will go between feelings of anger, fear, shame, and guilt.
    • The adjustment phase: During this phase, you will probably be working through the legal process of divorce and you may be able to think more clearly about your future goals and needs.
    • Finally, the healing process: In this phase, you will allowed to reclaim activities, enjoyment in life, and the possibility for forgiveness.

    $200 per 60 minutes

    $300 per 90 minutes