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    Forensic Services and Assessment

    Forensic consultation services include partnerships with law enforcement, attorneys, detention centers, the Court of Law, and investigation bureaus. 

    Mental health assessment provides the opportunity to evaluate an individual compared to normative samples to determine how similar or different they are from the normative group.  The benefits of completing a psychological assessment may include obtaining a detailed description of strengths and challenges in the areas covered by the assessment and recommendations for addressing areas of difficulty. 

    During the evaluation, psychological testing is provided under standardized procedures and will take place under specific testing conditions. 

    APS provides mental health assessments for individuals 13 years of age and older. For minors under the age of 13, please consult with your clinician for a referral. 

    The 2014 Code of Ethics American Counseling Association state:

    The purpose of Section E is to provide ethical guidelines that focus on how to ethically use formal and informal assessments to guide treatment plans and intervention selection.

     Counselors must:

    Understand the use of assessments as an important part of information gathering and to assist in conducting clients’ treatment and evaluation.

    Use educational, mental health, forensic, and career assessments (among others) on which they are trained and have had comprehensive supervised experience administering and interpreting.

    Diagnose clients and interpret assessments accurately and in a culturally sensitive manner.

    If you are seeking a “Psychological Evaluation” instead of a Mental Health Assessment, please contact your clinician for further information.